Advantages of using AWS S3

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Advantages of using AWS S3

S3 is AWS’ object storage service: a type of storage which has seen greatly expanded use in recent years. Object storage is a data storage architecture for unstructured information. 

This type of storage keeps the data in small units – objects – in a flat and readable form. Each object contains data and a unique name, letting applications use it by direct reading.

The S3 product family includes these cloud services:

  • S3 Standard
  • S3 Intelligent – Tiering
  • S3 Standard – IA
  • S3 Glacier instant Retrieval
  • S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval
  • S3 Glacier Deep Archive

The advantages of S3 storage include many benefits for users:

  • Object-based storage is fully managed by the provider.
  • Built-in integration with applications
  • Attractive price – In the payment-by-consumption model typical of all AWS cloud services, the payment for S3 is set according to actual use, not by a commitment to any future storage volume. However, AWS offers better prices for clients who commit to long periods of use of the model (RI – Reserved Instance) as well as quantity discounts.
  • Meets a variety of needs – such as application infrastructure, backup destination, archive, and more.
  • Unlimited storage, simple growth for every storage volume – S3 offers convenient options for increasing or decreasing storage volumes as client needs change. What’s more, AWS operates a mechanism to automatically adjust volumes (Auto-Scaling) to demand.
  • Manage small files
  • Manage large files up to 5 TB
  • Replication to a remote site
  • Supports video and audio files
  • Durability & High Availability – The object storage system offers the highest resistance to data loss of its kind: 99.999999999% (nine nines) or 99.99% availability, according to the client’s needs.
  • Data Security – S3 storage provides encryption of the information that reaches storage (at rest). AWS tools, such as IAM, ensure data is only accessed by authorized users. In addition, S3 monitors and records the users accessing the information, their location, the time of access, and the end-device they used.
  • S3 Storage Management Interfaces offer several management interfaces:
    • A graphical interface, part of the AWS management interface, is available in your browser and on your phone.CLI interface that enables management using scriptsAPI interface for writing applications