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The Stable Technological Anchor for Businesses and
Organizations in the Stormy Waters of International Economy

ABnet Communication, Cloud Services Aggregator, is an anchor of stability in such a complex and frantic world. It is a hub of technological and applied knowledge that enables hundreds of thousands of businesses and organizations worldwide to harness cloud technologies that best suit their needs and improve their competitiveness.

ABnet Communication offers Velaris marketplace to her resellers and end-customers. Velaris is an automated trading floor for a multicloud environment that enables independent procurement of cloud services from various manufacturers and their uniform management from end to end through a single interface, including the management, operation, optimization, and control of various public clouds and their accessibility to the entire organization and all administrative activities involving different clouds.

Digital transformation has never been more crucial, and ABnet Communication unique capabilities guarantee businesses and organizations its complete success.

ABnet Benefits At A Glance

Leveraging Technology for Business

The accumulated knowledge and experience of ABnet management and staff, gained over more than 20 years, allows all organizations to enlist the best technologies in attaining their business objectives, preparing for the challenges of the digital era in the most efficient and productive way possible with a suite of auxiliary services.

Financial and Marketing Strength

ABnet’s financial and marketing strength gives our partners a secure and stable route to long-term commercial success. Our company is prepared for the dramatic changes in the tech solutions market and provides partners with innovative work models that ensure growth in changing market conditions.

A Wide Array of Solutions

ABnet has earned the trust of leading international brands, who see us as a valuable partner. Our extensive hub solutions are a one-stop shop leading a digital transformation for all organizations – quickly, securely, and optimally.

At ABnet, we walk beside our clients every step of the way, and that journey starts now.

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In the age of the digital economy, organizations accumulate colossal volumes of data – sometimes petabytes a month – which must be stored easily, accessibly, and securely.

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Back up and Disaster Recovery

An organization’s data is its most precious resource, and any threat to its integrity is an existential challenge. Threats to an organization’s data are many and varied: wars and terrorist attacks likely to physically damage server farms, natural disasters such as earthquakes, IT system failures due to technical malfunctions, and cyberattacks, specifically ransomware attacks.

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Cloud infrastructures, including processing, networking, and storage capabilities have proven themselves in recent decades as powerful engines for commercial and operational streamlining, enabling each organization to focus on its core operations, accelerate innovation, and stride ahead.

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Productivity Tools

Many businesses all over the world are yet to realize the huge economic potential of the cloud, whether through lack of awareness or because of various concerns, or because they’re happy with their current computer systems and applications.

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Velaris – Your Multiple Public Cloud Marketplace

Velaris is an automated trading floor that offers partners and organizations a single intuitive interface for all purchasing, management, operation, and control processes of various public clouds, making them accessible to each organization.

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Professional Services

On the side of the client or partner, combining primary consultation with specifications, migration, and integration, and culminating in implementation, training, and support. Our Engineering Services Department is staffed with technical experts who have top credentials in all the technological fields needed to build modern, efficient, and flexible solutions for customer needs.

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