Cyber security

Cyber security

Innovative cyber security attitude

How can organizations protect themselves from the cyber-attacks constantly on the rise?  Isn’t it time to reconsider the paradigm many organizations follow of adding more and more security solutions, trying to link them and obtain full transparency for isolated islands of information?  Moreover, in the age of the cloud and AI, solutions such as anti-virus software are obviously inefficient, and information systems are completely exposed.

Applications in multi-cloud environments

VMware, which provides millions of organizations in Israel and worldwide with a virtualization layer that serves as the foundation for applications in multi-cloud environments, believes that this layer is the most appropriate and effective layer for identifying and blocking threats.  The Intrinsic Security concept harnesses infrastructure for a dramatic security upgrade , rendering it more autonomous and more active as well as permeating every corner of a decentralized organization.

Holistic cyber-security approach

VMware thus shifts the balance of power from the attackers to the defenders by removing the complexity inherent in cybersecurity.  The company provides intrinsic security with a wide range of solutions to cover all critical control points:  network, end points, workloads, identity, cloud and analytics.  Since these solutions are internally integrated, they’re everywhere at once:  in applications, devices and wherever users are located.  These unique observation points allow administrators to know everything that happens in an organization’s environment, making it possible to be pro-active in stiffening client environments and deal effectively with threats.  Not only that, but these solutions also add insight into contexts (content-centric) such as behaviors and planned user actions, enhancing the ability to identify and block attacks.  Finally, security management at the infrastructure level is simpler and more convenient since all required tools and teams are combined in a single, uniform interface.

Cyber-security advantages

The infrastructure virtualization layer is thus the ideal location for full transparency of applications, data and end devices, allowing organizations to easily implement security at Zero Trust level, without needing to install, manage and integrate numerous security solutions.

Cloud cyber-security vs. Device security

VMware implements the Intrinsic Security concept via two technological solutions. The first: VMware NSX, a network virtualization platform (using the software-defined network approach), spreading over data centers, clouds and multi-cloud environments and applications. It includes the ability to identify and prevent penetration (IDS/IPS), kicking the NSX platform up a notch as a level 7 internal firewall.  This solution’s uniqueness lies in its exploitation of VMware’s internal understanding of the services comprising an application and ability to adapt IDS/IPS signatures to specific parts of an application.  The result is superior performance and greater accuracy thanks to a reduced number of erroneous identifications.  The second: VMware Carbon Black Cloud, which provides natural cloud security for the end devices composing the diverse cloud environment of every organization.

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