Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

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Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Thousands of businesses and organizations in the economy have already transferred their operations to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, and tens of thousands more will do so in the upcoming years. They enjoy a variety of 200 products and cloud services that enable them to build, run, and manage modern applications in multi-cloud environments, hybrid environments, and at endpoints.

The products and services span 4 main categories from which the client may select:  Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and powerful serverless functions.

The 200 products and cloud services provide the most advanced services of their kind in all computing fields, including data processing, storage, databases, constructing applications, immigration services, and many other fields.

In addition to such cloud services, Azure offers a shop with thousands of applications that run continuously on the platform.

  • Fast entry to AI worlds and machine learning by way of field-designated services.
  • A special service for creative AI technologies using Open AI
  • A quick – within seconds – setup of virtual machines (VM) on Linux as well as on Windows, an SQL server on virtual machines, and more
  • Quick construction of mobile and Internet applications, and their deployment using Kubernetes
  • The most advanced security technologies, of their kind, for the most sensitive organizational information
  • Easy and quick migration services of virtual machines and databases from the client’s sites to Azure
  • Data processing
  • Linux and Windows virtual machines, services for Kubernetes and containers, and more
  • Databases

SQL with built-in capabilities for business intelligence, SQL for virtual machines, supporting open source SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and other databases

  • Storage

File storage, archive storage, object storage, disk-based storage, backup storage, and more 

  • Migration services

A quick and easy transfer of virtual machines and databases from the client’s sites to the Microsoft cloud, solutions for data transfer to Azure and endpoint device processing, and more

With Azure, you can transfer your clients to the new worlds of analytics, AI and machine learning, virtual reality, blockchain, and more.