About Arista

Since Arista Networks was founded, our hardware and EOS software have continuously evolved to deliver data-driven networking systems and solutions for thousands of customers, ranging from the largest cloud providers to healthcare providers, government agencies, carrier, finance, education, and production web/SaaS companies. Traditional approaches shackle work with proprietary closed or limited network operating systems. This seriously restricts an organization’s flexibility as application requirements change, and  constrains network operations teams to use only historic, error-prone methods rather than modern networkwide management tools.

Arista, a pioneer and market leader in cloud networking, has emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry.  More recently, Arista has expanded into the routing arena, offering another multi-billion-dollar market opportunity. Arista has disrupted the market via two significant innovations. Arista’s principal invention is an advanced network operating system, Arista EOS® (Extensible Operating System), with design based on open standards to deliver high reliability and unique programmability at all system levels and permitting third-party integration for best-of-breed solutions in multi-vendor networks. Arista EOS offers a data-driven network platform that automates IT workflows, provides network-wide visibility, and enables rapid problem resolution.

Arista’s other key innovation is the exclusive use of best-in-class merchant silicon that enables open standards-based networking with rapid time-to-market. Notably, Arista’s merchant silicon strategy delivers state-of-the-art platforms at a faster time to market and enabled by technological advances associated with Moore’s Law. This contrasts with legacy approaches, which are built on custom ASICs coupled with monolithic software, resulting in proprietary platforms and increased costs. The figure below illustrates Arista’s revolutionary approach to data-driven cloud networking.

Arista’s “Five A’s”: Key Attributes

As enterprises increasingly adopt modern cloud networking and computing architectures, they gain the advantages realized by today’s public cloud providers, including: automation, scalability, always-on availability, and lower TCO. Importantly, hybrid clouds, that are formed when data centers, private clouds and campus networks extend to public clouds, can deploy a uniform set of management and orchestration tools for data-driven cloud networking.

Arista Advantage incorporates the following five “A” principles:

  1. Available Architecture: Delivers a self-healing architecture of quality and aperture of data-collection across a highly available leaf-spine network with link, path, device, and network-wide redundancy;
  2. Agile Work-X: Orchestrates microservices, workloads, work-streams, and workflows based on Arista’s universal data-driven network foundation;
  3. Automation: Supports workload mobility across the cloud network, and the emerging container infrastructures for rapid and agile provisioning in minutes instead of hours or days;
  4. Analytics: CloudVision Analytics engines and Telemetry Apps take full advantage of the state streaming infrastructure to give customers an unprecedented level of visibility into their network operations, and;
  5. API and AI Driven: Enables the state of the network (via Arista NetDLTM) and open APIs, seamlessly connecting the cloud and physical location.

Data Driven Networking Advantages for this Era

Arista, outpacing legacy providers, has met the cloud providers’ tremendous demand with its innovative software-driven cloud networking principles and portfolio. It has been broadly adopted by hyper-scale cloud companies, SaaS providers, production media and gaming, critical healthcare, and global financial customers.

Arista’s industry-leading platforms, developed using the latest silicon advances and superior designs, have fueled a new generation of cloud networking solutions. The core of Arista’s architecture is EOS (Extensible Operating System) software, with a single image and support for diverse merchant silicon and cloud environments. Together, Arista platforms and software are driving the five A’s (Availability, Agility, Automation, Analytics, and APIs and AI Driven) across data centers, clouds, and campus workspaces in private, public, and hybrid environments. Arista continues to invest aggressively in R&D to outpace competitors, thereby bringing differentiated and long-term advantages to our customers. Arista’s architecture, with cognitive cloud networking, is transformational, changing complex and siloed Places in the Network into open and efficient Places in the Cloud for profound impact on networking in the 2020’s.



Arista Solutions

  • AI Networking Center
  • Cloud Networking
  • Cloud-Grade Routing
  • Cognitive Campus Workspaces
  • Electronic Trading
  • Enterprise Wan
  • Federal Government
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • IP Storage and Big Data
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Network Observability
  • Security

Arista Products

  • EOS – Extensible Operating System
  • Cloud Vision – Extensible Operating System
  • Switches – Wide various versatile leaf and spine switches with industry leading performance, advanced features and power efficiency Switches for hyperscale cloud and I/O intensive environments.
  • Security
  • DANZ Monitoring Fabric
  • Cognitive Wi-Fi
  • Transceivers / Cables

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