Check Point

Check Point, a global cyber pioneer and inventor of the VPN, still leads this strategic market. Over the past decade, the company has burst into the cloud security market with a large number of solutions in this field.

These include Check Point Horizon, a package of solutions and services for operating cyber security with a preventive approach. This service combines proactive management solutions to prevent and respond to attacks (MDR/MPR) and expanded solutions in these areas (XDR/XPR) as well as incident management. All these solutions are operated with the press of a button and are supported by some of the industry’s leading analysis and research teams as well as innovative AI technology.


Additional cloud solutions include:

CloudGuard Solutions:

  • CloudGuard Network
  • CloudGuard Private Cloud
  • CloudGuard Public Cloud
  • CloudGuard CNAPP
  • CloudGuard Posture Management
  • CloudGuard Workload
  • CloudGuard AppSec
  • CloudGuard Intelligence
  • CloudGuard Spectral

Cloud Security Solutions:

  • Cloud Migration Security
  • Compliance in the Cloud
  • Cloud Threat Hunting
  • Developer Security

Cloud Providers Solutions:

  • AWS Cloud
  • Azure Cloud
  • Google Cloud

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