Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, built the foundations of the digital age, first with desktop computers and then solutions for small and medium businesses, followed by solutions for large businesses and organizations.

Microsoft now offers its leading productivity tool, the Office package, in a cloud configuration called Office 365 in various versions suitable for private users, businesses and organizations.

The Microsoft Azure cloud platform, based on over 200 physical server farms around the world, currently offers a large array of cloud services leading the digital transformation of companies around the world.

Virtual Machines

Provision Windows and Linux VMs in seconds

Azure Virtual Desktop

Enable a secure, remote desktop experience from anywhere

Azure SQL

Migrate, modernize, and innovate on the modern SQL family of cloud databases

Azure Cosmos DB

Build or modernize scalable, high-performance apps

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Deploy and scale containers on managed Kubernetes

Azure Cognitive Services

Add cognitive capabilities to apps with APIs and AI services

App Service

Quickly create powerful cloud apps for web and mobile

Azure PlayFab

Everything you need to build and operate a live game on one platform

Azure Functions

Execute event-driven serverless code functions with an end-to-end development experience

Azure Quantum

Jump in and explore a diverse selection of today’s quantum hardware, software, and solutions

Azure Arc

Secure, develop, and operate infrastructure, apps, and Azure services anywhere

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