For two decades, Riverbed has been a leader in IT environment monitoring and optimization, constantly grappling with the major changes in this era of digital transformation: in the modern business environment, corporate applications are spread across multiple sites around the world, in different places, in data centers and in various public clouds. In addition, many workers now work from home, and the resulting decentralized IT environment makes managing an organization’s network a complex task.

Observability Solutions Division

Riverbed’s monitoring solutions (concentrated under the Alluvio division), allow uniform presentation of all information gathered from the environment as a whole (including hybrid environments and public clouds) and not on a sample basis. They provide alerts from all environments using tools like filters, prioritization, configuration of an order of operations to repair malfunctions, and an automation system that recommends a course of action for each scenario, as defined by the IT managers.

The division’s leading solutions include: network performance monitoring (NPM) via a uniform management console, application performance monitoring (APN) including for SaaS applications, and IT infrastructure monitoring, including mapping physical infrastructure used by the applications, finding flaws and helping locate malfunctions.

Acceleration Solutions Division

Riverbed’s Acceleration Division offers a basket of solutions to expedite the rate of data traffic, improve organizational network performance and accelerate SaaS applications.

The Division’s leading solutions include: The Cloud Acceleration solution improves public cloud performance for IaaS or PaaS architecture, accelerating the work rate to up to 50 times the speed and reducing the scope of traffic by 99%. The SaaS Accelerator solution accelerates leading SaaS applications like Salesforce, Office 365 and Box to a rate of up to 10 times at fast and reduces traffic by 99%. The Client Accelerator solution improves the performance of workers working offsite via laptop, at a rate of up to 10 times as fast and reduces traffic by 99%. The eCDN Accelerator solution accelerates traffic of recorded or live video content. The WAN Optimization solution (known as SteelHead) maximizes organizational network performance and improves application latency times. The Software Defined WAN solution (known as SteelConnect) allows access to offsite branches, between data centers and access to the public cloud. The solution makes it possible to optimize data traffic for multiple network passages and provides a better user experience.

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